Worker’s Compensation, Tax and ArcheAge Gold

A new announcement for Hunters of ArcheAge Gold has been released by Game dev’s. It is all about the Limited Quantity Sale: Worker’s Compensation & Bound Tax Certificate.

archeage gold hunting in tax and compensation

“ADVENTUREY-ADVENTURER! Me, Dubira Daru, IS BACK! I am again OVERSTOCKED due to overseas shipping errorses, and me is passing the saving on to YOU! (And no, I am not providing tax evasion services. TAXES ARE ALL LEGALY-LEGAL. CERTIFICATE SEAL ARE NOT MADE OF TIN FOIL AND CRAYON. ALL LEGAL.)”

Elfy Celestrata Bloodsongs wants Dubira to writes her words again. GO AWAY ELFY. THIS IS DUBIRA SALE. Dubira no write in your announcey-announcement!

Worker’s Compensation and ArcheAge Gold Hunt

Hunters will be given the following compensated goods especially for workers;

  • Packs of 20 Worker’s Compensation potions – 3000 Credits
  • Packs of 300 Bound Tax Certificates – 1350 Credits
    • Important Note: Each of these bundles can only be purchased 500 times per server.
    • The ArcheAge Marketplace will display how many purchases are left on a server, starting at 500.
    • Once the quantity is gone, the bundle will be removed from your server’s Marketplace. GET IT WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Dubira know Adventurer like sales as much as Dubira like Gilda Star. CELEBRATE TAX DAY. BUY TODAY. BE HAPPY!

More about the game for ArcheAge Gold Hunters

In addition for this great compensation,, For the game’s devoted Adventurers, it means that we will need to temporarily stop the posting of new auctions on the auction house for a limited amount of time.

Due to the previous announcement of the Auction House Merge, profits for your pocket will be easier, especially for players who works hard for the needs of their characters. ArcheAge Gold and items will be more reliable source of profits and income since more people will look out for it.

Get the chance to get these awesome offers and great changes in the game as you progress your way in the game. You will appreciate the game as you get your profits, gold and Item as you notice the income coming to you as you get your Worker’s compensation and in the Auction house’s merge.


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