Three Convenient Tips in Playing Archeage – Archeage Guide

Before starting your adventure in archeage, take a look of these three amazing tips in making ArcheAge Gold that will make your life in archeage easier.

For old players, you might already have known these tips, but for budding players, archeage has few things that other MMORPG does not have.


Combat does not Halt Food Items

Items that heal overtime, specifically food items do not halt when in combat. Having “sustain” of health every few seconds will allow a player to grind longer than his average time.

Unlike other MMORPG games, healing items are more convenient in archeage. In fact, a player can actually use two types of healing items: an item that allow the player to regenerate health overtime, and an item that instantly recovers the player’s health points.

Health recovery items play a major role in this game, as there are two kinds of health recovery items.

Hidden Quests

Upon reaching level 50, there will be some hidden quests available to get cheap ArcheAge Gold. These quests could be triggered upon killing a certain monster that is relative in the current flow of the plot. Basically, while playing do not doze off and ignore the story, it could definitely help, and reading stories is one of the best content of archeage so why not?

Challenge yourself. Do not browse the internet in order to find the hidden quest, except if on rush.

Hidden quest is archeage’s one unique feature that other MMORPG lacks.

Hold Abilities

For some games, using automated skill is cheating, but in archeage, it is the opposite. Archeage comes with a macro that allows players to automatically cast a skill. The game promotes laziness, and they do not want to break a player’s keyboard. They probably wanted to out-market the keyboard manufacturers.

Archeage have done its best in order to make the game more convenient when grinding for hours, days, and months. However, this could make a player lazy, very lazy that he/she will eventually stop playing the game.

Discuss what you think about these tips with ArcheAge Gold hunters in the community of gamers!

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