Sell ArcheAge Gold: the Auction House Merge

The April Update brings new developments to the global ArcheAge economy: Auction House merges! Read on for more information on what this means and how it will temporarily affect your sales while construction is in progress.

sell archeage gold in the new auction house

The Auction House is not limited to a single server – it actually spans multiple servers. This allows players on Ollo, for example, to sell items to players on Tahyang, Salphira, and Kraken. This way, the economy is sustained by multiple servers producing goods and multiple servers consuming them. By this update Sell ArcheAge Gold will grow by legal methods.

Auction House Merge for Items and Sell ArcheAge Gold

During an Auction House Merge, our team will combine our Auction House server clusters in order to expand the amount of sales that can happen on a single server group. In this specific case, Rangora and Morpheus, which had been operating alone on separate Auction Houses due to their fresh start status, are merging with the other server groups. These servers are now in a place where their economies will benefit from joining the clusters available on the other servers as they have sufficiently caught up in pricing to the main clusters.

In Europe, they are excited to announce that our server technology can now handle all European servers tied together into a single Auction House server cluster. The entire European ArcheAge economy will now be able to trade freely with every other server in their region!

More Details in Auction House Merge

For the game’s devoted Adventurers, it means that we will need to temporarily stop the posting of new auctions on the auction house for a limited amount of time.

This block will last for 49 hours in order to let all posted auctions expire naturally, leaving the Auction House blank at the time we begin our work. While you will not be able to post new auctions during this block, you will still be able to purchase items from the Auction House – make sure to stock up! Should your auction not sell, it will be returned to you in the mail as normal after it expires.

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