Getting ArcheAge Gold with the Community

There are Several Community groups in playing ArcheAge. By joining one of the community groups your ArcheAge Gold farming will be lessen and easier since you will be accommodated by other players.

archege gold hunting with guild

One of the community groups you can join with your ArcheAge Gold hunter is the Faction.

The East & West factions cannot interact with each other, aside from combat, and without learning the others language; it will come out as gibberish when attempting to communicate.

Faction Members Hunting for ArcheAge Gold

A guild leader, who has founded his own faction for the people who hunts for ArcheAge Gold, can collect tax from the players (citizens) for their membership in the faction. The King of the Nation will decide on the taxing rate. In future updates various benefits will be added to the memberships of the faction.

The guild that claims the most land on Auroria can claim itself king of Auroria and make their own faction inviting guilds from both continents to join it. Note that upon becoming pirate, PUBLIC language tutors cannot be used, you will need to furnish your own, which could be an issue talking to pirates of a different factions, especially in a guild.

They can also not form parties or raids, however Pirates that were formally part of the east or west can join their former factions Raid/Party, but pirates can only join Pirate Guilds.

The system allows establishing independent faction relations with all existing factions (NPC and other player made as well). And also allows you to combine the players who were previously hostile factions (Hiranian and Nuian). During the truce between faction players, they can come to each other’s territory, and the guards will not attack them, and you can easily interact with the NPC merchants.

Sell ArcheAge Gold profits with your Faction

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