Anniversary Rewards for Returning Hunters in Archeage

Are you a player who hasn’t played for a long time? If you’re a returning player, or an ArcheAge veteran, visit the Glyph Shop today to retrieve the special FREE 2nd Anniversary bundle of items for one of your characters. There are tons of rewards waiting for your ArcheAge Gold hunter especially if you are …

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Regrade and Rewards in Archeage – Archeage Update

The Ascension party can’t stop. The Improved Regrade Success event is back by popular request for ArcheAge Gold Hunters! From now until June 21, enjoy a 1.5x bonus to success on your armor, accessory and weapon regrades from Rare up to (and including) the Unique level! Remember that this event does not affect Pet Accessory …

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Thy Kyprosa’s Favor Bundle in Archeage Online

Have you treat yourself the Kyprosa’s warm touch for this Christmas Season? The Patron members of the game have given the bonus and more rewards for this season. The giveaway started last December 22nd. Your ArcheAge Gold Hunter can avail the following to get the patron bonus for upon getting the  Favor Bundle. The Patron subscription option …

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Celestial Kitsu Mount in Archeage

The Highly anticipated Celestial Kitsu mount debuts in the ArcheAge Marketplace for ArcheAge Account Holders. Flaunt your fame while riding atop this nine-tailed divine creature! This mount is ready to run headlong into palace or battlefield with a flowing, glowing set of tails, bushy red fur, and agility that few can match. Discover the Skills …

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Returning ArcheAge Players to be the New Returned Heroes

Have you been away for playing your ArcheAge Account? This maybe the time for you to play again and take that gaming hype up and rising. Check out these exiting bonuses and rewards for players who are going back to log in again using their ArcheAge Account. Bonus and Rewards The gods of the realm …

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Oathbreaker Costume for ArcheAge Players

The Oathbreaker Costume is now available in the marketplace; The Marketplace has been updated and the new stuff is coming in your ArcheAge Gold Hunter. Feel the protection and the great appearance of the new costume. Get yours now and get your ArcheAge Gold hunter pumped up with the new Oathbreaker plate. Oathbreaker Costume are …

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An On-Going Evolution Event for Adventurers in Archeage

Do you participate in the on-going event for ArcheAge Gold hunters? You still have 2 more days to participate and enjoy the event. if you’re interested in applying for an Evolution transfer, sign-ups begin on August 25 and end September 4. If you’re affected by the upcoming evolution and don’t want to stay on your …

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dread prophecies

Zones in ArcheAge to be Explored – Dread Prophecies

A new type of trade has gripped Auroria: behind closed doors and shuttered windows, under the rustle of portentous winds, heroes and oracles swap stories about new lands, new weapons, and the shape of things to come. They speak of Dread Prophecies – a massive update on the near horizon – and its escalating wars …

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