Three Convenient Tips in Playing Archeage – Archeage Guide

Before starting your adventure in archeage, take a look of these three amazing tips in making ArcheAge Gold that will make your life in archeage easier. For old players, you might already have known these tips, but for budding players, archeage has few things that other MMORPG does not have. Combat does not Halt Food Items Items …

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Routes for the Fate – Mistsong Guide in Archeage

Two main paths await to lead you through Mistsong for hunters of ArcheAge Gold: take a straight shot to a landmark via Breathswept Avenue, or wander the winding twists of Whispering Street. Both feature challenges and danger, but what exactly you will face lies up to you. Routes to Riches Clearing an area of enemies …

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Cooking Tradeskill

Cooking Tradeskill in Archeage Discussion

Hey there ArcheAge adventurers! As you may know there are a number of tradeskills or proficiencies your character can learn in the game that may come in handy in various situations and for earning ArcheAge gold. These tradeskills are Alchemy, Cooking, Weaponry, Carpentry, Metalwork, Leatherwork, Tailoring, Handicrafts, Construction, Machining, Commerce, Farming, Husbandry, Masonry, Gathering, Logging, …

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Auramancy Skillset in Archeage – Information

Starting out a new adventure in the world of ArcheAge? It’s best that you know the basics first for character development. As you may know, there are 10 skillsets available for your character to learn in your ArcheAge Account namely: Battlerage, Sorcery, Archery, Vitalism, Occultism, Shadowplay, Defense, Auramancy, Witchcraft and Songcraft. When you learn three different …

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Awaken Heroes and Reconstructed Guilds in Archeage

All ArcheAge Gold hunters know that allies are crucial to success. Having a guild to watch your back will provide you with more protection and opportunity than any armor on the market. In Update 2.0, your guild will have more to do together, and more to earn, than ever before. Before this will get into …

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ArcheAge Players in a Council Fit for War and Faction Battle

Elected ArcheAge Gold hunters for Heroes will serve as a 10-member council for their faction. Heroes will be broken up into four tiers based on voting results, with each tier earning a different cloak that grants an exceptional amount of stamina in addition to a unique power. The following powers can be yours once the …

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Making Mechanic Works with Machining – Archeage Crafting

ArcheAge is famous for its vast and interesting crafting system. If you are getting tired of grinding, battles, sieges and dungeons, the game offers you the chance to relax by building houses or crafting items. You can create a lot of beneficial items which aid you throughout the game. You can use this unique feature …

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dread prophecies

Zones in ArcheAge to be Explored – Dread Prophecies

A new type of trade has gripped Auroria: behind closed doors and shuttered windows, under the rustle of portentous winds, heroes and oracles swap stories about new lands, new weapons, and the shape of things to come. They speak of Dread Prophecies – a massive update on the near horizon – and its escalating wars …

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Rise of the Leviathan

The Rise of the Leviathan in Archeage

In ports all over Erenor, people speak of it in whispers. A creature so massive that it swallows ships whole. The monster that crushes the great fleets into small kindling and leave it like a naught; nightmares in its wake. The dreaded Leviathan—once thought to be legend—has finally returned to the Arcadian Sea. The Rise …

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