ArcheAge Gold Hunting: the Monkey’s Way

Monkey Madness has been UNLEASHED! This week’s newest additions to the Marketplace include the powerful Narayana Squire Battle Pet and the massive 8 slot Farm Freighter upgrade just for ArcheAge Gold hunters. If you want to carry more trade packs than ever before, or have a dexterous, powerful ally at your side, make sure to grab this week’s offerings.

archeage gold hunting with new monkey costume

New Credit Items for ArcheAge Gold Hunters

Mind checking out the list below for the new credit items in the marketplace;

  • Monkey Madness Archeum Supply Crate – 490 Credits – This week’s newest Archeum Supply Crate has brand new items available, as well as the rare chance to receive a Narayana Squire Battle Pet upon opening! More common offerings include Archeum Crystals of all types, Worker’s Inspiration potions, Regrade Charms, or Majestic Trees and Mining Drills! Rarely, this crate can also offer bundles of 3 Red Regrade or Superior Red Regrade Charms, Lunafrosts, or Synthium Shard. Remember that the Narayana Squire Battle Pet from this box is TRADEABLE! Feel free to trade it to your friends, or sell it via trade chat or the Auction House.
  • Farm Freighter (8 Slot Hauler) – 3500 Credits – Take more than ever before with an upgrade from a Farm Hauler to a Farm Freighter! This beautiful piece of engineering can hold 8 trade packs in crates, plus it has room for a passenger sitting on the back (if it is a Rudolph Hauler or a Red Hauler) and a driver both carrying another pack! All totaled, you can possibly take 10 trade packs at once in this new piece of marvelous machinery.

New Loyalty Items for Loyal ArcheAge Gold Hunters

Items below are exclusive for loyal players;

  • Narayana Squire Battle Pet – 625 Loyalty
  • Lucid Synthium Stone – 40 Loyalty – Used in Costume Synthesis, these stones infuse magic to your clothing, increasing the amount of experience it possesses. Get enough experience on your costume to take it to a higher grade level and improve its statistics!

Retiring Items;

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