New Residency and Community System for ArcheAge

If you have land that’s 16×16 or larger in a designated region, you’ll be able to contribute to the construction of the local community center. You, as a hunter of ArcheAge Gold can be a resident of multiple zones, so don’t you worry your head about making’ difficult choices. Also, if you don’t own land, …

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Anniversary Rewards for Returning Hunters in Archeage

Are you a player who hasn’t played for a long time? If you’re a returning player, or an ArcheAge veteran, visit the Glyph Shop today to retrieve the special FREE 2nd Anniversary bundle of items for one of your characters. There are tons of rewards waiting for your ArcheAge Gold hunter especially if you are …

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Three Convenient Tips in Playing Archeage – Archeage Guide

Before starting your adventure in archeage, take a look of these three amazing tips in making ArcheAge Gold that will make your life in archeage easier. For old players, you might already have known these tips, but for budding players, archeage has few things that other MMORPG does not have. Combat does not Halt Food Items Items …

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Routes for the Fate – Mistsong Guide in Archeage

Two main paths await to lead you through Mistsong for hunters of ArcheAge Gold: take a straight shot to a landmark via Breathswept Avenue, or wander the winding twists of Whispering Street. Both feature challenges and danger, but what exactly you will face lies up to you. Routes to Riches Clearing an area of enemies …

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Regrade and Rewards in Archeage – Archeage Update

The Ascension party can’t stop. The Improved Regrade Success event is back by popular request for ArcheAge Gold Hunters! From now until June 21, enjoy a 1.5x bonus to success on your armor, accessory and weapon regrades from Rare up to (and including) the Unique level! Remember that this event does not affect Pet Accessory …

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ArcheAge Gold Hunting: the Monkey’s Way

Monkey Madness has been UNLEASHED! This week’s newest additions to the Marketplace include the powerful Narayana Squire Battle Pet and the massive 8 slot Farm Freighter upgrade just for ArcheAge Gold hunters. If you want to carry more trade packs than ever before, or have a dexterous, powerful ally at your side, make sure to …

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Getting ArcheAge Gold with the Community

There are Several Community groups in playing ArcheAge. By joining one of the community groups your ArcheAge Gold farming will be lessen and easier since you will be accommodated by other players. One of the community groups you can join with your ArcheAge Gold hunter is the Faction. The East & West factions cannot interact …

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Worker’s Compensation, Tax and ArcheAge Gold

A new announcement for Hunters of ArcheAge Gold has been released by Game dev’s. It is all about the Limited Quantity Sale: Worker’s Compensation & Bound Tax Certificate. “ADVENTUREY-ADVENTURER! Me, Dubira Daru, IS BACK! I am again OVERSTOCKED due to overseas shipping errorses, and me is passing the saving on to YOU! (And no, I …

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sell archeage gold in the new auction house

Sell ArcheAge Gold: the Auction House Merge

The April Update brings new developments to the global ArcheAge economy: Auction House merges! Read on for more information on what this means and how it will temporarily affect your sales while construction is in progress. The Auction House is not limited to a single server – it actually spans multiple servers. This allows players …

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